Water Wagon


  • Large wheelable wagon-style garden sprayer.
  • 11.3L poly tank for bigger jobs with extra-long 1.8m hose.
  • Viton seals provide greater chemical resistance.
  • Large comfortable thumb-operated on/off valve.
  • Fan/Cone Pic-A-Pattern nozzle system.
  • One-year warranty.

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About the Hudson Water Wagon

The Hudson Water Wagon is an 11-litre compression garden sprayer on wheels, featuring a large handle for pulling ease and a soft-shower spray head. Use for watering plants or washing and rinsing animals, boats, camping and other activities where a mobile water supply is needed.

Includes an extra-long 1.8-meter hose and a thumb-operated shut-off valve. The dual-nozzle system gives you a choice of cone and flat fan spray patterns. Includes additional shower spray head. Three-year warranty.

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