Hudson history

H.D. Hudson Manufacturing Company is a long-standing, well-respected company specialising in consumer and commercial sprayers and dusters since 1905. The Hudson brand is recognised and known for quality, service and value throughout the world.

Hudson knows and understands the demands and needs of sprayer users in various markets such as lawn and garden, industrial, agriculture, pest control, turf care and public health. Hudson strives to bring to customers the broadest range of high-quality spraying products under assorted price points that meet or exceed the needs of domestic and international partners.

Remarkable, world-wide experience

Hudson have gained experience producing the best sprayers for agriculture and world health. This simply means that Hudson have more knowledge about how to build better-performing sprayers than anyone.

The Hudson X-Pert® disease vector sprayer has been found to comply with the performance guidelines of the World Health Organization Specification number WHO/VBC/89.970.

Public health initiatives

H. D. Hudson

H. D. Hudson.

Hudson is a leader in worldwide efforts to improve community health through disease vector control. Founded in 1905 by H. D. Hudson and from its inception, the company has established a world-wide reputation for quality and service.

During World War II, the company produced an enormous quantity of sprayers and dusters for US forces overseas for their own use and use with refugees to help control malaria and other insect-borne diseases.

Designed to last

Hudson sprayers are engineered and built to exacting specifications in order to assure long, dependable service in the most rugged and remote locations.

Over the years, Hudson have pioneered advances in sprayer features and technology, and hold numerous sprayer and sprayer-related patents.