Hudson Trombone Tree and Shrub sprayer

Trombone Tree and Shrub Sprayer


  • Powerful slide pump action.
  • 1.82m hose with large filter that drops directly into a chemical bucket.
  • Includes extension.
  • Adjustable brass cone nozzle – from fine mist to long-distance stream, multi-directional.
  • Sturdy no-slip grips.
  • Long-lasting nickel-plated brass pump.
  • One-year warranty.

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About the Hudson Trombone Tree and Shrub Sprayer

The easy pumping Hudson Trombone Tree and Shrub Sprayer features a Roto-Spray nozzle for directing fine mists and streams up to 12-meter delivering about 80-millilitre per in/out stroke at 150 PSI. Using ring piston technology, the bright nickel-plated brass pump includes a 1.8-meter vinyl hose and intake strainer. The product also includes a nickel-plated extension. One-year warranty.

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Hose length

1.82 meter




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